Faith Life Family Church

We invite you to worship as a family member at our location on Jordan Road right here in Columbus Ohio. 

You will find real people, with real stories, about God's goodness and his unmerited GRACE. Faith Life Family Church is designed with you in mind as we prepare each week for you and your family with relevant and uplifting worship and talks designed to help you have God's final word for life's most challenging moments. 

Service Times:

Sunday Prayer 9:45AM - 10AM

Sunday Worship 10:30 AM

Youth Service, ages 12-18, Sunday nights at 6:00 pm

Wednesday Prayer 7:00PM

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The words of Jesus summarizes what He accomplished on the cross. The reason we have been seperated from God has been dealt with. The hope that we had in someone who could help restore us back to God is now for SURE. The plan that was made for us to be able to come boldly to the Father and call Him Daddy...is now in place. And the reality that God will never be angry with you ever again has come to pass. Thank you Jesus...IT IS FINISHED

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